Whether it is as a part of your pre-bridal package, honeymoon fantasies or just a desire to get that smooth feeling, Brazilian wax is what you exactly need! Thinking of getting a Brazilian wax? Want to know more about it? Then this post is what you should read!

What Is Brazilian Wax?

Brazilian waxing involves the removal of hair right from the belly button to the buttocks. It is somewhat different from Bikini wax. Brazilian wax involves a clean waxing on, around and beyond the bikini zone. That is why, Brazilian wax is also known as ‘bare wax’ because it leaves you bare and hairless from your belly button to the buttocks.

Getting Ready For Brazilian Wax:

Before you go for a Brazilian wax, it is necessary to know your skin type. After all, it is about the most sensitive zones of your body. What else do you need to know or do? Here are the basics:

  1. Select a reputed salon and the job should be entrusted to someone who has experience and expertise.
  2. Get your appointment a week after your monthly cycle. It hurts the most a week before periods. During periods, it is inconvenient to get your intimate area waxed. So, keep your monthly cycle dates in mind while choosing the date for an appointment.
  3. If your skin type is ‘sensitive’, bring it to the knowledge of your beauty expert.
  4. Do not shave for at least three weeks before the waxing.
  5. A patch test should be done to make sure that your skin is not prone to over reactions.
  6. Take a shower and refrain from using any lotions around the bikini zone before you get a Brazilian wax.
  7. You may like to have a painkiller before the appointment.

Benefits Of Brazilian Wax:

You have so many reasons to go for a Brazilian wax! Here they are:
  1. It is a fast and effective way of feeling smooth and clean in your intimate areas.
  2. It is a hair removal method that gives hair-free pubic area for at least a month.
  3. When frequently done, hair growth tends to become sparser and softer.
  4. If done under expert supervision, it causes no itching and irritation.
  5. It makes you feel confident if you want to flaunt yourself in a swimsuit or a bikini.

Word Of Caution:

But do keep the following points in mind before heading to your salon:

  1. It is a little pricey and can burn a hole in your pocket.
  2. Pain is a major turn off, and you tend to experience pain whenever you get a Brazilian wax.
  3. It cannot be done if the hair has been shaved and is spiky. It cannot be done even when the hair is too long. In this case, the hair needs to be trimmed. So, for a Brazilian wax to be effective, the hair growth has to be just right!
  4. It is uncomfortable for most women because they have to bare their intimate parts to a complete stranger.
  5. Post waxing, you will have to put up with discomfort if your under-garments or your outfits are too tight.
  6. Do not go for it if you are under sixteen years of age, diabetic, pregnant or menstruating. In fact, if you have a viral infection or a bacterial infection, you should keep away from a Brazilian wax. However, it is always necessary to consult a doctor before getting ready to enjoy the Brazilian wax benefits.

Looking good is not easy! Waxing can be a pain, but the end-result is well worth the effort! So, go for it!