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Our Signature facial, this treatment is the perfect blend of highly concentrated vitamins and fruit driven anti-oxidants, along with important skin balancing agents your skin is left feeling fresh and vibrant. A customized formulation of our products is used to determine what treatment is best for your skin's needs. Includes cleansing, exfoliation, vitality treatment, mask, and massage.
60 min $65
Add boost $15-$25

A Safe, natural and holistic alternative to microdermabrasion. Dermafile™ is a very effective tool for treating aging and sun damaged skin. As well as minimizing the appearance of scars, pigmentation, fine lines and enlarged and clogged pores.
1-$75 | 3-$195 | 6-$300
Add boost $15-$25

Pumpkin Enzyme Peel

Pumpkin Enzymes, Glycolic and Lactic Acids gently dissolve dead surface skin cells. This deep exfoliant stimulates cellular turnover, increases elasticity, texture and tone, and improves sun-damaged skin. Unclog pores and reduces acne to reveal radiant skin that is supple and naturally hydrated.
1- $65 | 3- $150 | 6 - $270
Add boost $15-$25

A chemical peel is a topically applied acid that aids in the restoration and rejuvenation of the skins surface. Our peels allow for a uniform and controlled shedding of several layers of dead skin. Depending on the nature and depth of the peel, a significant number of layers can be exfoliated allowing new growth to be exposed, creating a fresh vibrant appearance. DERModality™ peels have been developed for ALL SKIN TYPES.
Salicylic acid $75
T.C.A $150(This peel will NOT be done on first time clients. Preconditioning is required!)

BOOSTS (layer with any service to complement your facial treatment)

Pumpkin Enzyme
Pumpkin products offer antioxidants and enzymes that act like Alpha-Hydroxy Acids. But rather than just peeling the skin of unwanted materials, the pumpkin products have a bonus of replenishing the skin with nutrients. Pumpkin contains more than 100 beneficial nutrients; helping to reverse the signs of aging and softening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Long Island Iced Tea 15%
Highly concentrated Vit. A & Lactic Acid Formula. Helps create a smoother, softer, and more youthful looking appearance by helping to enhance the skin's natural rejuvenation. This wonderful facial peel is ideal for minimizing the appearance of unwanted pigmentation and as a pre-conditioning tool for more aggressive peels.

Vitality 25%
A blend of highly effective and concentrated Vitamins and fruit driven super anti-oxidants, nutrients and skin balancing agents. With built in anti-inflammatory ingredients the skin is left without inflammation allowing for a valued added facial treatment.

Lactic Acid 30%
The perfect formulation to use in conjunction with our DERModality layering techniques. Our Lactic formula allows for the perfect complement when layered underneath other chemical peels. This treatment is effective for acne, skin lightening and anti-aging.